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STIPGLAS supplies tools for all glass techniques, both for the hobbyist as well as for the professional. And given that we both work with and teach all glass techniques, we can naturally also answer your questions.

Our stock includes:

- Conkinect™, propane torch
- Oxygen torches
- Graphite paddles, various models
- Mandrels, 1.6, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm
- Hollow mandrels, 4 and 6 mm
- Mashers, various models
- Pokers; small, medium and large, tungsten steel
- Rakes
- Various shapers
- Leaf mashing pliers, flat and curved
- 5-Finger holder
- Glass foot holder
- Flask holder, 2 sizes
- Warming station, small and large (lampenziegel)
- Roller, with graphite or steel parts (for tubes)
- Kristall 2000S grinder with 2 and 3mm bead drills
- Annealing kilns, STIPGLAS is a dealer for Vesta Glass Kilns

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