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STIPGLAS supplies everything you need for every glass technique. We both work with and teach all glass techniques and thus can also give good advice! STIPGLAS sells to both individuals and to businesses.

Our stock includes:

- Fiber paper
- Thin fire paper (Bullseye paper)
- Ceraboard
- Shaping materials
- Ceramic molds
- Kanthal wire, diameter: 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0 mm
- Separatore (kiln wash) shelf primer
- Boron nitrite spray
- Fusing glue
- Overglaze
- Polarization sheets
- Copper foil, various thicknesses
- Glass sifter for glass powders; various models
- Glassline pens, crayons and paper, usable for all types of glass
- Multipen
- Outlining markers
- Hot Glass Paint
- Gold leaf and silver foil
- Gold and silver luster
- Dichroic coated paper, usable for all types of glass

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