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The glass for lampworking can be divided into two main groups: soft glass (soda lime silica) and hard glass (borosilicate). Soft glass can be further subdivided into groups based on the coefficient of expansion (COE). STIPGLAS supplies both kinds of glass, in both rod and tube forms.

Our stock includes:

Soft glass rods:
- CiM
- Double Helix
- Effetre Moretti
- Lauscha
- Reichenbach
- System 96
- TAG coe 104

Soft glass tubes, various diameters, various colors, coe 96 and 104

Reduction powder and frit, glass powders and grains with a shiny effect, in 25-gram packages

See also STIPGLASS-semi-finished for more products to expand your design possibilities!

Borosilicate rods (hard glass):
- Asian Boro
- Glass Alchemy
- Momka
- Northstar

Clear rods, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 mm

Borosilicate tubes (hard glass), clear: various diameters from 4 - 50 mm, length = 1.5 m.; colored: several colors, various diameters, length between 1.2-1.5 m.; now also available borosilicate 3 mm sheet glass

Powders and frit, colored borosilicate powder and frit, in 25-gram packages

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